chief director

Thespis Entertainment
will turn the stark reality which includes
the gate of rejection and an uncertain future into a window of opportunity and a future full of hope.


At the age of 19, when I decided to become an actor, my soul-searching was triggered by the question: What on earth is an actor? While tracing the profession of ‘acting’ to its beginning, I came to know the name of Thespis. Thespis was the name of a legendary figure who invented the Greek tragedy in the 5th century BC as the first actor as documented in the records. Thespis, who was also a director and poet, was the first person to introduce monologue and dialogue, with which he presented the independent acting of an actor instead of the chorus.


Now grateful that I work as an actor, I have countless memories of the agony and ecstasy, the nervousness and joy that I experienced in the training in which I sweated and exerted myself while yearning for an actor’s career, those nights that I stayed awake worrying about my roles, the thirst for my wanted roles, the frustration and achievement that I had while working off energy from my whole body.


As I had a clear goal, I was fiercely determined that I wasn’t going to repeat all the abstract vagueness and confusion that I had to experience through the process, although it involved precious pain felt in sweating and striving to be an actor. So, I had this strong wish to provide help to younger wannabe actors and actresses, so that the process for them wouldn’t be the same as I had to brook.


Robert De Niro, one of the greatest actors from Hollywood, told the graduating class of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. “Tisch graduates, you made it, and you’re fucked! Think about that. The graduates from the college of nursing, they all have jobs. The graduates from the college of dentistry, fully employed. Leonard N. Stern School of Business graduates, they’re covered. The school of medicine graduates, each one will get a job. The proud graduates of the NYU School of Law, they’re covered. And if they’re not, who cares? They’re lawyers. The English majors are not a factor. They’ll be home writing their novels. Teachers, they all will be working. Shitty job, lousy pay, they will still be working. The graduates of accounting, they’ll all have jobs. […] On this day of triumphantly graduating, new doors are opening for you. A door to a lifetime rejection. It’s inevitable. It’s what graduates call the real world. […] And on the front, your motto, your mentor, you battle cry, ‘Next!’ You didn’t get that part? That’s my point, next! You’ll get the next one, and the next one after that.”


Thespis Entertainment has started in remembering the basics for actor, which I wrestled with as I began my career, the goal to become an actor, which I couldn’t give up in any event, and the actor curriculum, for which I’ve had determination and wishes through learning and training. We will play a part in turning the reality of ‘a door to rejection’ and ‘the uncertain future’ into ‘a window of opportunity’ and ‘ a future full of hope’.


We support valuable dreams for all actors rushing toward their goals.