thespisfavEtymology has it that thespis was the name of a legendary tragedian who was the first actor and director in the history of humankind, as documented in the records of 5th century BC.

Carrying the significance of the word root, Thespis Entertainment sets the orthodoxy of actors and actresses as its foremost value.

While culture draws spotlight around the world as a new growth engine, it’s true that Korean entertainment industry continues to provide a harsh environment for wannabe actors and actresses.

In this light, Thespis Entertainment focuses on creating an advanced industrial system that can help promising actors and actresses chase their dreams. Thespis shows the right way for the growth of actors and actresses by providing optimum infrastructure which includes building a departmentalized education system suited to skills of different actors and actresses, expanding the scope of activity through production of and investments in films, dramas, theater, and musicals, and taking the lead in overseas advancement through partnership with global partners.

Aiming at the value of orthodoxy and a systematic infrastructure of culture industry, Thespis Entertainment works with thoroughgoing actors and actresses who will take charge of the future of Korean culture industry.